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Toxic is a novel in progress about the dangers of unregulated health supplements. Spoiler; there will be zombies, and lots of them. 


Official Descripion:


"SunBright Naturals has just created the best-selling weight loss supplement of all time. Customers flock to the shelves to get their hands on what some consider to be a miracle breakthrough in weight management. Until a lone researcher begins to suspect the truth — inside the new pill lies a secret that may threaten the survival of the human race. 


Nathan Fielding is on vacation when the world begins to fall apart. Trapped at a secluded cabin in the woods, unable to reach another living soul save one fellow survivor, Nathan waits to be rescued. It isn’t long before he realizes nothing is as it seems. A biochemist with the Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases, Nathan’s worlds begin to merge when he comes to a startling conclusion about the clinical trial he’s been administering and the monsters that pursue him."

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