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A Short on Rob's Life

A short story published by a small press in their latest anthology, Pick Your Poison. October, 2017. 

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Short Fiction

A Short on Rob's Life

Published by Owl Hollow Press

A short story about a chef who's consumed by guilt, and who dishes out a heavy dose of misguided righteousness. And food -- lots and lots of food. It was published in Owl Hollow Press's short fiction anthology called Pick Your Poison. 

She Turns the Final Page

Published by Pigeon Pages

She Turns the Final Page is a flash piece about nostalgia and loss, told through the eyes of an aging planet Earth. The story was paired with original artwork by Lindsay Comstock. 

Donation to the Void of Matter

Published by Here Comes Everyone

A flash fiction story published by Here Comes Everyone in conjunction with their Brutal issue. The main character is a member of a cult who becomes obsessed and embroiled in a cycle of revenge.

Equifax CEO Hacked During Senate Testimony About Equifax Hacks

Published by Here Comes Everyone

A satirical piece about the Equifax hacks that was published in February 2018. 


The Era of Meaningless Noises

Published by Kayla King Books

An essay written in spring of 2020 about the total breakdown in communication that's led to our current political climate of noncooperation, wherein I predict the likely extermination of the human race. It's all good fun, really. Published in the collection called Pages Penned in Pandemic. 

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Published by MyBaseGuide

An essay detailing the history leading up to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that brought the United States into World War II, the creation of Pearl Harbor Day, and a smattering of interesting facts surrounding the event. 

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