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Metastatic Memories

Metastatic is a word that describes cancer that’s no longer contained to a single site, and has spread elsewhere. Which is bad.


Metastatic is the kind of cancer Kevin Lankes was diagnosed with at the age of 25. At only a quarter of a century long, Kevin’s life began spiraling out of control, ushering him helplessly toward the unknown.


This is a heart-wrenching tale of pain, loss of innocence, and the will to go on. It’s a candid recounting of the events following the collapse of a life barely lived. By the time he was 25, Kevin had managed a city-wide project, hung with celebrities, joined a secret society, and otherwise made his mother proud. He was a New York City transplant with a powerfully bright future. This is the story of his most challenging obstacle yet. In and out of several appointments, whirring machines, and emotional states, he describes just what it’s like to be a young man whose world was swept out from under him in the prime of life, and what it’s like to find the courage to press on.

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