Since I began writing professionally in 2010, I've worked for clients in healthcare, tech, science, food services, travel, entertainment, and more. I have credits in the Huffington Post, the Riverdale Press, Medium, Parachute, and scores of online outlets.


I've written and can provide:

- Feature Articles 

- Blog Posts

- Audiovisual Scripts

- Ghostwritten Books

- Novels

- Short stories

- And Other Promotional Materials

Feel free to contact me about any of the items listed above, as well as other projects not included here. I've done a little of everything, because every client is different and has different needs. What remains consistent, however, is the quality of my work and my dedication to your satisfaction. 


The most exciting part of freelance writing is the opportunity to tackle unique and exciting new challenges on a regular basis. No matter what your particular project entails, rest assured that if you have an interesting story to tell readers, clients, consumers, or businesses, then I'll be excited to help you tell it.